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What to do if your pet goes missing Written by Administrator on August 31st, 2014 Posted in Cat news, Dog News, Pet News, Rabbit News, Vets in Desborough, Vets in Harborough District, Vets in Kibworth, Vets in Rothwell

Sadly on an almost daily basis we are contacted by a client or member of the public who has lost their animal. These are normally cats or dogs, but sometimes rabbits, ferrets or birds.

What do you do if your pet goes missing?

Firstly, the best way of ensuring you get your pet back is to have them microchipped. This places a permanant identification chip into the animal and ensures if they go missing and end up at a vets or rescue centre, they should find their way back to you.

If your pet goes missing and they are microchipped then phone the microchip company up to register them as missing.  Regardless as to if your pet is microchipped or not, if they go missing telephone around all the local veterinary practices (within a 10 mile radius if possible), so they can log them as missing in case they come in. Give as detailed description as possible (age, breed, colour, if they have a collar/ID tag, any distinguishing features) etc. Leave your contact details.

It is also worth phoning local rescue shelters and if you think your pet has been stolen then this should be reported to the police.

Leave notices up around where you live and knock on neighbours doors or put leaflets through doors.

Don’t give up…animals who have been missing months or years are sometimes reunited with their owners.

Our new garden! On August 23rd, 2014 by Administrator, posted in Pet News, Vets in Harborough District

Over the last couple of weeks if you have walked past the Market Harborough practice, you will have seen the transformation of our front garden, and also the side area, which has now been grassed over in one area. Together with the new window on the Northampton Road side, the garden now looks amazing!

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Puppy parties On July 29th, 2014 by Administrator, posted in Dog News, Pet News, Vets in Desborough, Vets in Harborough District, Vets in Kibworth, Vets in Rothwell

Our puppy parties are run on a Tuesday morning from 11am – noon by a qualified veterinary nurse.  Each puppy attends for two weeks. During this time they get to socialise with other puppies and you get advice on feeding, training, neutering and microchipping to name a few! Any queries or concerns that you may have [...]

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