The Green Team

The environment and the effect we have on it, both as individuals and in the work place has become an increasingly talked about topic in recent years. The veterinary profession, like many other healthcare industries, are looking at methods to reduce impact.

At Ash Tree Vets, we have created ‘The Green Team’ who are working on ways to ensure that we are more sustainable, both socially and environmentally. We are looking at tackling areas such as waste initiatives, energy initiatives and our own social responsibility.

Investors in the Environment

The Investors in the Environment (iiE) accreditation requires an organisation to provide evidence that it has met a range of pre-defined criteria, set environmental impact related targets, completed tasks which demonstrate its commitment to improving its environmental performance and enhanced the community in which it operates. The evidence is presented at an annual audit for evaluation and this report provides feedback on the organisation’s performance as well as offering advice on next steps for continued improvement. 

Ash Tree Vets has achieved the Silver level accreditation in the Investors in the Environment project. Our Green Team has worked tirelessly to ensure we make real progress toward reaching our goals.


"As a practice full of animal lovers, for many of us this love extends to all of nature and the great outdoors. A number of our team members are really passionate about the environment and how to reduce thier own personal impacts.

Health care in human medicine and in the veterinary sector has a huge environmental footprint for many reasons. As part of the management team, I felt it was really important to engage in making the practice more sustainable not only because it is the right way forward, but also for our team's job satisfaction so they know that we are doing everything we can to practice with lower impacts.

We chose to be part of the Investors in the Environment scheme as it helped us create really clear goals and targets so that we could see what impact our changes were having." 

Nicole Dyer - Clinical Director and Green Champion

Nicole Dyer