Puppy Socialisation

Introducing your puppy to the world around them

We are hosting Puppy Socialisation sessions at our Kibworth practice. Our sessions are intended as an opportunity for puppies and their owners to socialise with other puppies and people in a veterinary environment.

The first four months of a puppy’s life are vital for socialisation - when they are learning what to make of new people, other dogs, and experiences. A careful introduction to such things will give them the best chance of coping well and feeling confident in various settings as they get older, and help them communicate effectively within their social group.

Our sessions take place at our Kibworth practice every alternate Wednesday 5pm - 6pm.

These sessions are free to our clients (one session per puppy) - puppies must have had their first vaccination and be under 12 weeks of age. Sessions are by appointment only, so please call in to book a place.

Maximum of six puppies per session.

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